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Yes, we changed our name to Nortical (because we like it more than
EVLedger). We’re also working on a new site. In the meantime, you’ll
have to live with this quick fix.


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What we do:
Software that
improves battery


If your company uses batteries – stationary or in a vehicle fleet – then you
need Nortical. Our software automatically collects, verifies and analyses
battery data. And gives insights in real-time on how to optimize the use of
each individual battery. When to charge it. How to charge it. And when it’s
time to replace the battery, and move it to another application.


There’s a lot of advanced tech below the surface. (Machine learning…
Blockchain… Digital twins… We tick all the boxes.) But the result is simple:
You save money – and reduce your environmental impact.

Get It?

If you’re interested in our software, let us know.
+46 737–53 53 79

The big picture.


Batteries are a super important part of the solution to the climate crisis.
More batteries will certainly be needed in the future. But since new
batteries are expensive and battery production environmentally problematic,
we must also start using our batteries smarter. And reusing them
smarter. And recycling them smarter.



Those are the basic insights behind everything we do at Nortical. Our
goal is to create a sustainable battery value chain. We started with the
software that helps companies using their batteries more efficiently. But
there is a lot more to come!

Join Us!

We need all kinds of (battery) tech people.


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Nortical Press Release 2020-10-28

Dagens Industri

Norrsken VC



Q: What is Nortical?
A: Nortical is the company that will help you use your batteries more efficiently.
We do this with a software that collects data from your batteries, and based on how they are being used now, tells you how to use them better.

Q: Who are you?
A: We're a team of nine curious engineers that love batteries. We hang out in nature a lot, and we want to make a difference.

Q: Where are you?
A: We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden, but are used to working globally.

Q: What products do you offer?
A: A software that helps you use your batteries more efficiently, make less of an environmental footprint and via our partners that want to buy the batteries we know about, we can help your batteries get a second life instead of being recycled.

Q: How much can I expect to save?
A: It completely depends on how you use your batteries today. If your batteries are being used often - like in a fleet of commercial vehicles - there are often lots that can be done both in terms of prolonging battery life and optimising operational costs.

Q: What makes you better/different than your competitors?
A: We're a lightweight, easy-to-install software that is made to be developer-friendly. We work in different industries with different batteries, and can make better predictions than solutions that focus only on one application. We can also help you verify and transport battery data securely in large quantities.

Q: Can I invest in Nortical?
A: We just closed an investment round, but will most likely raise more rounds in the future. Let us know if you're interested and we can talk more when we're ready.

Nortical, Kungsgatan 11 411 19 Gothenburg, Sweden. info@nortical.com