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A change is needed!

Mankind has finally realized that it's time for a change. A change from fossil fuels to renewables. Batteries are the enabler of this electrified future, and we want to make that a more circular economy. 


But there are challenges with batteries too....​

Batteries are in demand

As the world electrifies, batteries are quickly becoming the backbone of our infrastructure. With an enormous demand, strained supply chains and shortages in (often dirty) minerals, we need to use batteries more efficiently to ensure stable and sustainable electrification.

Batteries need to be more sustainable

The same lack of knowledge also means that used batteries are seen as useless today. Most could be used for several more years - in new, less demanding applications. But no one dares to buy them, and they become discarded prematurely.

Batteries cost more than money

Battery manufacturing is energy and resource-intensive,  and more often than not, the resulting product isn't used to it's fullest potential

Batteries are complex

Ignorance and uncertainty around battery technologies mean that the full capacity of batteries is not used, leading to incorrect cost prediction, unnecessary energy consumption, frivolous resource use and batteries that need to be replaced prematurely.

THAT's why we exist!


We have decided to do something about these problems. We can't do everything on our own. But we can create tools and conditions for a more sustainable value chain for batteries. So that batteries can be used in a smarter, and more efficient way.

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