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Director of Engineering

Publication: 2021-07-26

We are looking for our next team member, a Technical Product Manager to help us further develop our product and ourselves.

Are you interested? Click on the button, send us your CV, and come by our office at Kungsgatan 11 in central Gothenburg, Sweden.


We are Nortical!

Battery power is on the rise! From today's electric bikes, electric scooters, and cars, to tomorrow's airplanes and electric grids, the potentially transformative effect of batteries on society is yet hard to grasp. However, even if batteries are solving some concrete problems today, there is a long way to go before they truly solve society's challenges of tomorrow

Enter Nortical: we build a cloud-based battery analytics platform that helps make sense of batteries, which helps make batteries live longer and be used, and reused, more sustainably and efficiently.

Nortical has been taking huge strides towards that goal over the past two years, we have built a great team of 9 and have taken on customers like Voi and Scania.

As we grow, we are now looking for a tech-savvy leader to help us continue to build not just the best tools for battery analytics, but also the best team. Not just in the world, but for the world.

What You´ll Do

In the role of Director of engineering, you will be responsible for scaling and growing the tech team, both in terms of capability and capacity. You will be the one coordinating, planning and prioritizing the product development work while also being taking part in the sales journey, with an extra eye on the tech details.

Finally, you will have a large influence on the strategic roadmap for the company, both from a technical and business perspective.

Key Qualifications

We place great value in intelligence, team sense, and self-drive. We are looking for a candidate that has experience with software project management involving a complex platform product, multiple customer integration projects, tech areas, and people. You also need to have experience in leading a group of highly dedicated and driven people in product development. Finally, you should previously have gathered experience working with external parties, preferably including customer interactions and within sales processes.

Bonus Skills

We believe that you will have a large advantage coming from a developer background, preferably with a focus on cloud-based systems, AI/ML applications, and/or data pipelines. We would prefer it if you can challenge our choices in architecture and service design! Finally, it is highly meritorious if you have had previous experience in working close to battery-powered products and/or in the domain of electrification.

Diversity makes a difference

You are welcome to Nortical as the person that you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or what your favorite battery chemistry is. The more minds and voices we have, the stronger our business will be, the more we will thrive and develop. It´s in our diversity that we find the secret sauce for our revolutionizing products and creating a better tomorrow.


Does this sound interesting? Please get in touch with Us as soon as possible. We apply a continuous selection process and interviews will be held continuously.  So click that apply button or mail us at [email protected] and share your CV. 

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