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The future is electric

We predict and optimize battery performance to lower costs, increase usability and enable clean and reliable urban transportation.


Let's optimize it!

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Our Services

Battery Data Services

Receive actionable business intelligence insights. We analyze your batteries to reveal and improve utilization trends, along with improvement possibilities. For instance how you could optimize battery swapping.

Optimized Battery lifetime

We manage battery usage data from many different applications to truly understand degradation factors, creating a thorough understanding of battery performance degradation. We can help you understand when batteries are going to be depleted and plan accordingly.

Battery Brokerage


We provide third party battery status verification based on residual value and expected performance needs in second-life applications. Enabling our customers to turn recycling cost into second life revenue.


Optimal Battery Usage Strategy

Testing and simulating battery behavior based on individual needs. Optimizing fleet management and OEMs towards a suitable battery system, preventing over-dimensioning.


Increased battery profitability

By remote monitoring and battery analytics, access to reliable data on battery health and usage impact. Enabling smart decisions for an increased lifetime, predicting maintenance, and anomaly detection as well as making sure your organization know everything there is to know about your batteries

Enable second life usage

With detailed information of historical use, we match the right batteries together without additional tests and ensure highest performance and safety.

How it works


1. Connecting Assets

Our software connects with electric vehicles to monitor and collect data on how the batteries are used.

2. Forecasting & Analysis

We predict performance degradation and build optimization models to focus on utilizing the maximal potential of the batteries.

3. Optimizing

We provide data-driven insights to make smart and strategical decisions on how to handle batteries in fleets, and cost optimizes battery systems.

Let's work together! 

We are open to new contracts, pilots, and partnerships. Get in touch and let's improve the way batteries are used.

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